Platform as a Service

Jun 05
Platform as a Service

Todays' operations require leveraging existing hardware and software with advances in technologies to better compete in a global environment.

   Overview of a Microsoft Based Solution to a Private or Public Cloud


Modern hardware configuration combined with an entire generation who are familiar with computing

 has created a convergence of Internet Technologies. Many organizations and enterprises have invested

 heavily in the past decade in compute solutions to become more productive and successful. This trend

 will only continue as small to medium businesses scale-up their compute environments in order to

 better compete in a global marketplace. In a very real sense we are all about to see 'power users'

 who are able to work with supercomputers and it is a seachange.

We will also see increasing numbers of small to medium businesses on boarding heavily for an incease in

 productivity and profitability. These factors combined have made it an excellent time to leverage the

 technological capabilities that are now readily available.