Network Infrastructure

Jun 06
Network Infrastructure



The network is to be considered both at the local and  the global levels. One such network is the local

 network. Your local machine needs to be able to access other local machines within your own network

 (Intranet). As well as communicate and interact with consoles around the globe (through the Internet).

 Each requires a distinct set of protocols and standards that must be carefully evaluated and addressed.

What sort of global network provider will be required and at what costs. Capitol equiptment costs are

but one consideration. Will your staff need training? Can your hardware be configured and maintained

 with current staff or will additional help be nessesitaed? Is your business expecting growth and is your

 current software and hardware eco-sytem forward looking? Will you be able to leverage emerging

 technologies coming to the forefront from the manufacturors with your current and anticipated

technology stack? Does your current staff have adequate IT skills and how much additional and on-going

skills trainings and assesments will need to occur?  How often?  Where and when will this training

 occur? Many establishments need specific Line of Business applications. Will your endeavors require

 developing your own propritiary applications and if not what ones will you use? Are they robust and

capable of handling a variety of workloads? Does your staff work from home or on the road. How will

 they connect and is the network secure? These and other considerations will all require proper planning and foresight.