Desk-top Infrastructure

Jun 17
Desk-top Infrastructure


The environment at the console is as an important planning parameter as any. This is where you get

 work done. This is where your system will be made real. All other considerations are really back-end

 issues. Your customer and staff for the most part need never see or think about them. Your desktop

 consoles will need proper configuration and regular management to keep your environment up to

 the minute and secure. Staff will need training and on going assesment. Will your client require an interface to the system and of what form ?  

Paramount to other factors user experience needs to be one of reliabilty and ease of use. Staff and

 client alike have the need for a consistant experience across devices and platforms. This consistancy is

 achievable through a well planned and implemented IT Infrastructure.



As every engagement is unique and each establishment has its' own set of objective and requirements

 we will be pleased when you contact us for further review. 3steveco33 pride ourselves on our integrity

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 Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we are not satisfied until you are and your project exeeds all

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