Jun 21
The Consumerization of Enterprise

​Living at the intersection of hardware, software, and is about people. With billions of interconnected device discreetly sharing data...Big Data...It is about people.

There is a new generation entering the workforce that has grown up always connected. They enter the workforce approaching technology with new attitudes and expectations. They demand access to anyone, anywhere on any device. The consumerization of technology is the consumerization of enterprise. At work they expect the same intuitive experience they have in the rest of their lives.  It is not about technology it is about people and an entire generation that is comfortable with this scenario.

 Data is growing at an exponential rate: the amount of data that exists is ten times the amount that it was just five years ago. For the first time this generation has grown up always on and always connected. At the heart are the people who make things happen. People...impassioned and empowered individuals. These are any organizations greatest asset.

Jun 17
Desk-top Infrastructure


The environment at the console is as an important planning parameter as any. This is where you get

 work done. This is where your system will be made real. All other considerations are really back-end

 issues. Your customer and staff for the most part need never see or think about them. Your desktop

 consoles will need proper configuration and regular management to keep your environment up to

 the minute and secure. Staff will need training and on going assesment. Will your client require an interface to the system and of what form ?  

Paramount to other factors user experience needs to be one of reliabilty and ease of use. Staff and

 client alike have the need for a consistant experience across devices and platforms. This consistancy is

 achievable through a well planned and implemented IT Infrastructure.



As every engagement is unique and each establishment has its' own set of objective and requirements

 we will be pleased when you contact us for further review. 3steveco33 pride ourselves on our integrity

 and customer satisfaction.You issues are our issues and we will be most honored to call you a client.

 Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we are not satisfied until you are and your project exeeds all

 expectations. Our designers and developers are from all corners of the world and we will bring a global

 perspective to your project as well. Our name is on it. I think you're going to like what you see.


Jun 06
Network Infrastructure



The network is to be considered both at the local and  the global levels. One such network is the local

 network. Your local machine needs to be able to access other local machines within your own network

 (Intranet). As well as communicate and interact with consoles around the globe (through the Internet).

 Each requires a distinct set of protocols and standards that must be carefully evaluated and addressed.

What sort of global network provider will be required and at what costs. Capitol equiptment costs are

but one consideration. Will your staff need training? Can your hardware be configured and maintained

 with current staff or will additional help be nessesitaed? Is your business expecting growth and is your

 current software and hardware eco-sytem forward looking? Will you be able to leverage emerging

 technologies coming to the forefront from the manufacturors with your current and anticipated

technology stack? Does your current staff have adequate IT skills and how much additional and on-going

skills trainings and assesments will need to occur?  How often?  Where and when will this training

 occur? Many establishments need specific Line of Business applications. Will your endeavors require

 developing your own propritiary applications and if not what ones will you use? Are they robust and

capable of handling a variety of workloads? Does your staff work from home or on the road. How will

 they connect and is the network secure? These and other considerations will all require proper planning and foresight.

Jun 05
Platform as a Service

Todays' operations require leveraging existing hardware and software with advances in technologies to better compete in a global environment.

   Overview of a Microsoft Based Solution to a Private or Public Cloud


Modern hardware configuration combined with an entire generation who are familiar with computing

 has created a convergence of Internet Technologies. Many organizations and enterprises have invested

 heavily in the past decade in compute solutions to become more productive and successful. This trend

 will only continue as small to medium businesses scale-up their compute environments in order to

 better compete in a global marketplace. In a very real sense we are all about to see 'power users'

 who are able to work with supercomputers and it is a seachange.

We will also see increasing numbers of small to medium businesses on boarding heavily for an incease in

 productivity and profitability. These factors combined have made it an excellent time to leverage the

 technological capabilities that are now readily available.




Jun 04
Commercial Space Exploration

​Today is a very exciting day for space enthusiasts. That’s because Planetary Resources (the asteroid mining company) is offering the public an opportunity to control an ARKYD space telescope and use it for science, education and fun. 
This isn’t like any telescope that’s come before. That’s because this ARKYD will be both funded and controlled by everyday folks like you and me who are passionate about space technology and the thrill of discovery.
We all get to take control and decide what this telescope looks at. We can also support future scientists by gifting research time to schools where students will have the opportunity to learn about the space industry and give them a passion for science and technology.
I think my friends would have paid a lot more attention in science class if we were using a space telescope!
I hope that you will join me in supporting this exciting project. There are two critical ways that we can all get involved.
The first is to pledge to support the ARKYD Kickstarter. The goal is to raise one million dollars to build and launch this mission. There are several pledge levels with some really unique rewards, and I think you’ll really like them.
Not everyone can pledge financial support, but we can all contribute to this project.
A second way to show your support is to help spread the word about this mission and raise awareness about how people can get involved.
The Kickstarter lasts for just 30 days, so we’ve got to do everything we can to reach as wide an audience as possible. Share the link to the Kickstarter page on your Facebook and Twitter, or your favorite online hangout.
Talk about it with teachers and school administrators. Share it with anyone you know who loves space and wants to see what the future may hold.
Together we can show that it doesn’t take government agencies with huge budgets to build the future of space, but a community of passionate enthusiasts.
Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and if you have any comments please leave them below.
So head over to the Kickstarter page and add your pledge to help put the ARKYD in orbit for students, scientists, and space nuts alike!   

Jun 03
User Experience

 ​Design the interface so as to avoid misinterpreting user intent. It is important to increase user confidence by input combinations such as voice and gesture together. All input methods should be reliable, consistent, and convenient. User test early and often. Design the interface to give constant feedback to your user.                      Design Questions:  How can your program empower and enable people to do the things that they want to do and be more productive and successful? What can we do to give a positive experience? Basic tenants:  Speak to peoples' humanity...Speak to their decency....respect their needs. Give people a quality product with great functionality at a competitive price.                     Remember that the vision of empowering prople through the power of computing has created an eco-system that has given opportunities to thousands of companies and hundred of thousands of persons on a global scale. Put people first.


Machine generated alternative text:  

May 31

​Peer to Peer (P2P)  A network where all PC's can act as client or server for other PC's on a network.

Node- Both the client and the server share resources.

User-Client  The server is what the client 'goes to' for packets.

Service Provider- Server/Host

Service Requester- Client

Domain- A collection of Security principles that share a central directory data-base. The central data-base is typically maintained by a proprietary service provider. (Microsoft)

Enterprise/Private Network-Usually for business in order to interconnect to various company sites.

Federation-Multiple network providers agreeing upon standards of operation. (for example Yahoo-Messenger+ MSN Messenger

May 30
The Era of Ideas

​Ideas will build the future. With the remarkable advances in both software and hardware...there is a growing need for sophisticated and novel algorithms that will be able to harness this avalanche of technologies. Fifteen billion connected devices by  2015 will dictate a management system that will have to be almost autonomous and separate from human intervention. The sheer scale of such will need to be managed by the machine themselves. As well aswhat to do with this data, how to begin to make sence of it all will most certainly be directed by the devices themselves.

May 29
The Third Era

​The Third Era is where the computers and devises discover themselves. Billions of interconnected devises seamlessly and discretely sharing information and communicating between themselves will created an environment that will be unmanageable by human intervention. This eco-system will have to be configured and managed by the machines themselves. The scale and complexity of this task will require self-organizing systems. Architectures that are guided in design by the systems themselves will need new and novel methods of obtaining the objective. Credit here for this blog must be given to Intel CEO in a recent speech...the ideas of the third era is hers not mine. All credit where it is due.

May 28
The Second Era

​Th second era is where the computer discovers man. This is now occurring with the capabilities of vast data-bases of personal and individualized information.

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